warranty service:

The Ferris Hand Company fully complies with the "Microcomputer Commodity Repair and Replacement Responsibility Regulations" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry
The following conditions are not covered by the warranty service:
1. Cannot produce a valid product warranty certificate: or the original serial number label of the product is altered, replaced, or torn, or the product does not have a serial number or the product model or number on the warranty certificate does not match the actual product.
2. The product exceeds the warranty period stipulated by Ferris.
3. Failure and damage caused by the use, maintenance and storage of the computer working environment not in accordance with the product instruction manual or the instruction in the instruction manual.
4. Failures and damages caused by repair, modification or disassembly of the product by maintenance personnel not authorized by the Ferris Hand Company.
5. Use of pirated software or malfunction or damage caused by virus infection.
6. Damage caused by accidents or other force majeure.
Services other than the products promised by the sales staff and additional configurations and gifts are not covered by this warranty.
Remarks: Please fill in the entries clearly, please do not modify without authorization, and keep this warranty card properly to protect your legal rights. If you need service or have any questions, please contact us.

This warranty card is a valid product warranty certificate. The unlisted procedures are implemented in accordance with the relevant consumer rights protection law. The power of interpretation of the regulations belongs to the effective company, and reserves the right to change and modify: subject to the relevant regulations, Deli reserves the right of final interpretation of this regulation.

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